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On the 6th of June we had the band “Company of Thieves” play an acoustic set in our backyard, here in Brooklyn. I was looking up music videos for the band (who since the show I’ve fallen in love with) and I came across this one shot at our concert! Genevieve Schatz has such an amazing voice, and she was able to be heard above the Smith Street traffic and acoustic instruments. Check out the Company of Thieves live performance of  their song “In Passing” from Brooklyn’s We the Free store below:

I’ve also been youtubing “Company of Thieves” music videos. I love the one for their hit single, “Oscar Wilde,” where Genevieve is wearing a Free People top during the performance set!

You can find out more info on the band “Company of Thieves” at their website: http://www.companyofthieves.net 

❤ the Girls at “We the Free”, Brooklyn


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